1990 Category Winners in

First Place: J0210
Thomas, Alicia R. Grade 8, Riverside County
Exercise and Cardiovascular Response
School: Margarita Middle School, Temecula

Second Place: J0207
Pommer, Tylene J. Grade 7, Orange County
Fry Me to a Crisp
School: Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, Irvine

Third Place: J0202
Lowe, David L. Grade 7, Riverside County
Does Regular Gum Lose More Weight During Chewing than Sugarless?
School: Gage (Matthew) Middle School, Riverside

Honorable Mention: J0206
Ochi, Nori S. Grade 8, Orange County
Does the Color of a Leaf Affect the Amount of Chlorophyll It Contains?
School: La Paz Intermediate School, Mission Viejo

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