1992 Category Winners in
Engineering Research

First Place: J0844
Upp, Staci L. Grade 8, Santa Clara County
Concrete Strength: What Factors Affect It?
Advisor: Ms. Felita Brennan
School: Monroe (James) Middle School, San Jose

Second Place: J0812
Dumas, Todd G. Grade 7, Santa Clara County
The Honeycomb Sandwich Structure: Is It the Strongest, Most Practical Core Shape?
Advisor: Mr. Robert Ruud
School: Rolling Hills Middle School, Los Gatos

Third Place: J0833
Maurer, Aaron D. Grade 7, Riverside County
Does Aileron Size and Angle Affect an Airplane's Roll?
Advisor: Mr. John Love
School: Arizona Intermediate School, Riverside

Honorable Mention: J0819
Green, Rachel S. Grade 8, San Bernardino County
Does Dihedral Angle Affect Stability and Performance of an Airplane?
Advisor: Mr. Niederman
School: Ramona Junior High School, Chino

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