Applied Mechanics/ Structures & Mechanisms/ Manufacturing

J0101 Baggot, Jessica A. Grade 8, Humboldt County
Simple Beams and the Modulus of Elasticity of Wood
Advisor: Mrs. Susan Thurber
School: Arcata Christian School, Arcata
J0102 Baker, Andrew E. Grade 8, Ventura County
Is Your Baby Safe?
Advisor: Mrs. Susan Falk
School: Los Cerritos Intermediate School, Thousand Oaks
J0103 Bandek, Nassry E., Jr. Grade 8, San Bernardino County
Pre-Set Flosser
Advisor: Mr. Al Valentine
School: Apple Valley Middle School, Apple Valley
J0104 Barrera, Taunya M. Grade 8, San Benito County
Environmentally Safe or Not?
Advisor: C.R. Rogers
School: Rancho San Justo Junior High School, Hollister
J0105 Bell, Skye L. Grade 8, Glenn County
Looking for R
Advisor: Mrs. Mary Rose Kennedy
School: Price (C.K.) Middle School, Orland
J0106 Bonnefin, Kenneth W. Grade 7, Inyo County
The Mechanical Advantage of Pulleys
Advisor: Lee Silvernale
School: Owens Valley Unified School, Independence
J0107 Bui, Jennifer H. Grade 8, San Bernardino County
Does Shape of an Object Affect Its Strength?
Advisor: Ms. Kathleen Shawvers
School: Clement Junior High School, Redlands
J0108 Byrem, Blair W. Grade 7, Riverside County
Wood Strength: Solid Wood vs. Composite Wood
Advisor: Mrs. Sue Burcham
School: Mountain View Junior High School, Beaumont
J0109 Conrad, Christine L. Grade 8, Ventura County
An Investigation of Whether Underwear Comes Out of the Wash Inside-Out
Advisor: Mrs. Susan Falk
School: Los Cerritos Intermediate School, Thousand Oaks
J0110 Conran, Stephanie L. Grade 7, San Mateo County
How Strong is that Wood?
Advisor: Mr. Gilbert Ellis
School: Cunha (Manuel F.) Intermediate School, Half Moon Bay
J0111 Culbertson, Robin L. Grade 7, Humboldt County
Stressed-Out Glass: A Glass Compatibility Experiment
Advisor: Mr. Rand Hall
School: McKinleyville Middle School, McKinleyville
J0112 Doyle, Gregory M. Grade 8, Orange County
Advisor: Ms. Maureen Haskins
School: St. Norbert Elementary School, Orange
J0113 Fick, Daryl B. Grade 8, San Diego County
Correlation of Insulation and Resultant Sound Transmission
Advisor: Mr. Randy L. Borden
School: Bell (Alexander Graham) Junior High School, San Diego
J0114 Fiori, John A. Grade 8, Orange County
Car Speed: The Effects of Weight
Advisor: Mrs. Judy Statti
School: St. Irenaeus Catholic Elementary School, Cypress
J0115 Graff, Jenny G. Grade 8, Humboldt County
Paper Power! Measuring the Strength of Recycled Paper
Advisor: Mrs. Susan Thurber
School: Arcata Christian School, Arcata
J0116 Hellmann, Sally A. Grade 8, Contra Costa County
Choosy Brushers Choose
Advisor: Ms. Donna Butler
School: Christ the King Catholic School, Pleasant Hill
J0117 Hopkins, R. David Grade 8, Mendocino County
How Much does Deflection Vary from Steel to Wood?
Advisor: Mr. Rick Lippman
School: Baechtel Grove Middle School, Willits
J0118 Johsz, Brian Grade 7, Orange County
Does the Temperature of Water Affect the Strength of Concrete?
Advisor: Mrs. Jelica Campos
School: St. Bonaventure Catholic School, Huntington Beach
J0119 Lewis, Ben E. Grade 7, Fresno County
Factors that Determine the Bounce Height and Number of Bounces
Advisor: Mr. Billy Graham
School: Centerville Elementary School, Sanger
J0120 Mallis, Jeremy B. Grade 7, Riverside County
What's the Best Way to Stop?
Advisor: Mr. Walter Owen
School: University Heights Middle School, Riverside
J0121 Parenti, James A. Grade 8, San Mateo County
The Strength of Wood
Advisor: Ms. Stephanie Wald
School: All Souls Catholic Elementary School, South San Francisco
J0122 Price, Kristen D. Grade 8, Ventura County
The Ultimate Tennis Ball
Advisor: Mrs. Susan Falk
School: Los Cerritos Intermediate School, Thousand Oaks
J0123 Pruong, Sophin Grade 8, Orange County
How Do Various Non-Metallic Coatings Affect the Corrosion Rate of Steel?
Advisor: Ms. Shirley Lee
School: Lathrop Intermediate School, Santa Ana
J0124 Raich, Julie A. Grade 8, Humboldt County
How the Moisture Level of Wood, Compared to the Humidity of the Air, Affects the Size of the Wood
Advisor: Ms. Diana Skiles
School: Jacoby Creek Elementary School, Bayside
J0125 Saltzman, John D. Grade 7, Lassen County
Effect of Width on Flight of Rubber Bands
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Big Valley Intermediate School, Bieber
J0126 Smith, Kirsten B. Grade 7, San Bernardino County
The Science of Art
Advisor: Ms. Jodi Block
School: Shandin Hills Middle School, San Bernardino
J0127 Tramel, Melissa N. Grade 7, Ventura County
Which Fabric is the Least Fire Resistant?
Advisor: Mrs. Marcia Greycloud
School: Anacapa Middle School, Ventura
J0128 Valencerina, Judy Anne C. Grade 7, Ventura County
The Heat is On!!
Advisor: Mrs. Jean M. Martin
School: Santa Clara Elementary School, Oxnard
J0129 Vigen, Karen K. Grade 8, Orange County
Which Brand of Tennis Balls has the Best Durability?
Advisor: Mrs. Jelica Campos
School: St. Bonaventure Catholic School, Huntington Beach
J0130 Wagner, Joseph L. Grade 8, San Diego County
Which Kind of Golf Balls will Go Further in Different Temperatures?
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Pacific Beach Middle School, San Diego
J0131 Woody, Crystol I. Grade 7, Kern County
Geometrical Strength
Advisor: Mr. Kevin Branscum
School: Wallace (Woodrow) Junior High School, Lake Isabella
J0132 Yip, Andrew W. Grade 7, Orange County
How to Weigh Very Light Objects
Advisor: Ms. Pamela Twitty
School: Hewes Middle School, Santa Ana
J0199 Whitlock, Cortnee D. Grade 8, Lake County
How Fast Do Different Woods Absorb Water?
Advisor: Mrs. Laurie C. Ridgel
School: Kelseyville High School, Kelseyville

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