Electricity & Electronics

S0701 Benzing, Thor A. Grade 9, Santa Clara County
Stopping RFI
Advisor: Ms. Gloria Gipson
School: Britton (Lewis H.) Middle School, Morgan Hill
S0702 Biber, Dustin A. Grade 10, Riverside County
Are Rechargeable Batteries Really Worth the Extra Expense?
Advisor: Mr. Brian Stanley
School: Norte Vista High School, Riverside
S0703 Dychter, Alex I. Grade 9, San Diego County
Correlation Between Television Monitor Size, Distance, and Strength of Electromagnetic Fields
Advisor: Ms. Anna Hashima-Oren
School: San Diego Hebrew Day School, San Diego
S0704 Fuller, Sawyer B. Grade 10, San Luis Obispo County
Solar Cells Applied: Matilda, The Boat
Advisor: Dr. Michael Landino
School: Morro Bay High School, Morro Bay
S0705 Hughes, Anthony G. Grade 11, Kern County
Magnetic Shock Absorbers
Advisor: Mr. Thomas Cormack
School: Kern Valley High School, Lake Isabella
S0706 Pilatowicz, Edward K. Grade 12, Los Angeles County
PACSAT Satellite: A Solar Panel Efficiency Study
Advisor: Mrs. Margery Lee Weitkamp
School: Chaminade College Preparatory, West Hills
S0707 Strohman, Trevor D. Grade 10, San Luis Obispo County
VHF Antenna Performance
Advisor: Dr. Michael Landino
School: Morro Bay High School, Morro Bay
S0708 Welch, Troye C. Grade 12, San Diego County
Transmitting Power with Tesla Coils
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Fallbrook Union High School, Fallbrook
S0798 Park, Jeff Grade 10, Orange County
The Most Durable Floppy Disks are Made by ...?
Advisor: Ms. Caroline Abramson
School: Bolsa Grande High School, Garden Grove
S0799 White, Bryan T. Grade 12, Monterey County
Fabrication and Investigation of a Fiber Optic Acoustic Sensor for Monitoring Marine Noise in the Monterey Bay
Advisor: Dr. Armando Galindo
School: Stevenson (Robert Louis) High School, Pebble Beach

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