1996 Category Winners in
Earth Sciences/ Planetary Sciences/ Physical Environments


First Place: J0506
Cwirko-Godycki, Alexander D. Grade 8, San Mateo County
An Investigation of Impact Craters and Their Celestial Counterparts
Advisor: Terry Ryan
School: Abbott Middle School, San Mateo

Second Place: J0505
Cox, Veronica L. Grade 8, Mendocino County
Mudslides: The Effects of Roots and Fire Damage on Soil Stability
Advisor: Mr. Cory Wisnia
School: Mendocino Middle School, Mendocino

Third Place: J0515
Sowerwine, Jim Grade 7, Humboldt County
Growing Concretions: A Study of Conversion of Iron in Seawater
Advisor: Mr. Rand Hall
School: McKinleyville Middle School, McKinleyville

Honorable Mention: J0518
Wade, John M. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
A Comparison of Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Los Angeles Harbor during High and Low Tides
Advisor: Nancy Berstein
School: Dodson (Rudecinda Sepulveda) Middle School, Rancho Palos Verdes

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