1996 Category Winners in
Applied Mechanics/ Structures & Mechanisms/ Manufacturing


First Place: S0106
Hartman, Christopher M. Grade 12, Ventura County
Investigating Tenacity and Elasticity of Web Silk from Araneous diadematus
Advisor: Pat Doring
School: Westlake High School, Westlake Village

Second Place: S0111
Mihalkanin, Danielle M. Grade 11, San Diego County
Analysis of Shock Absorption Variance of Electrorheological Fluid
Advisor: Mr. Tim Towler
School: San Diego Senior High School, San Diego

Third Place: S0113
Zimmer, Jennifer R. Grade 9, Imperial County
Which Wood is the Strongest?
Advisor: Mrs. Olge Carreno
School: Vincent Memorial High School, Calexico

Honorable Mention: S0101
Carr, Lauren C. Grade 9, Santa Clara County
The Effect of Wood Density on a Sound Board
Advisor: Mr. Robert Schilling
School: Murphy (Martin) Middle School, San Jose

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