1996 Category Winners in
Plant Biology


First Place: S1401
Baumbach, Lucas V. Grade 11, Los Angeles County
Vascular Plants of the Los Angeles River (A Botanical Study)
Advisor: Mrs. Lynn Hasz
School: Notre Dame High School, Sherman Oaks

Second Place: S1417
O'Connor, Andrew T. Grade 10, Orange County
Radiation and Plants
Advisor: Mrs. Lynn Harvey
School: Capistrano Valley High School, Mission Viejo

Third Place: S1499
Reece, Naomi S. Grade 11, Santa Barbara County
The Role of Silicon In Plant Nutrition
Advisor: Ms Susan Park
School: Santa Barbara Senior High School, Santa Barbara

Honorable Mention: S1407
Chu, Donald S. Grade 12, San Diego County
Growth Inhibition by Carbon Dioxide Exposure to Pinus pinaster Root System
Advisor: Mrs. Susan Emerson
School: Grossmont High School, La Mesa

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