Fluid Mechanics/ Aerodynamics/ Thermophysics

J0801 Blickenstaff, Paul M. Grade 7, San Diego County
Wing It!
Advisor: Mrs. Rebecca Rotsart
School: Blessed Sacrament Elementary School, San Diego
J0802 Bottorff, Megan E. Grade 7, Kern County
Can Christmas Tree Ornaments be Used as Fire Extinguishers? Part ll
Advisor: Mrs. Rollins
School: Murray Junior High School, Ridgecrest
J0803 Brakensiek, Laura A. Grade 8, Ventura County
What Type of Wood, Almond, Oak, Pine, Juniper, or Walnut, Makes the Best Firewood?
Advisor: Mrs. Denise Moss
School: Colina Intermediate School, Thousand Oaks
J0804 Bryant, Blake D. Grade 8, Ventura County
Optimizing Windmill Blade Efficiency
Advisor: Mr. Morley Cohen
School: Mesa Verde Middle School, Moorpark
J0805 Chan, Kevin T. Grade 8, San Diego County
How Does Age Affect Violin Harmonics?
Advisor: Ms. Liz Revenko
School: Bishop's (The) School, La Jolla
J0806 Chang, Kevin M. Grade 8, Fresno County
Pine vs. Oak
Advisor: Mr. Noel Price
School: Kastner Intermediate School, Fresno
J0807 Churin, Joseph M. Grade 7, San Mateo County
Wind Tunnel - Which Nose Cone has the Least Wind Resistance?
Advisor: Mr. Jerry Trenter
School: Cunha (Manuel F.) Intermediate School, Half Moon Bay
J0808 Delhauer, Micah P. Grade 8, Riverside County
The Real Water Jet
Advisor: Ms. Lisa Weidenkopf
School: St. Edward's Catholic School, Corona
J0809 Deutscher, Peter J. Grade 7, San Mateo County
Keep Them Logs 'A Burnin'
Advisor: Caroline LaFlamme
School: Borel Middle School, San Mateo
J0810 Dugenia, Annasel P. Grade 7, Riverside County
Advisor: Mr. Guillermo Mendoza
School: Mecca Elementary School, Mecca
J0811 Fagan, Bobby M. Grade 8, Kern County
Which Type of Roof Should You Choose? The Fire Resistivity of Roof Shingles
Advisor: Mr. Robert Cornford
School: Edison Middle School, Bakersfield
J0812 Goodkind, Jeff C. Grade 8, San Mateo County
Harnessing the Wind
Advisor: Ms. Judy Griffith
School: La Entrada Middle School, Menlo Park
J0813 Graves, Adam Grade 8, San Luis Obispo County
Decibel Reduction
Advisor: Rob Librizzi
School: Atascadero Junior High School, Atascadero
J0814 Haddock, Colleen H. Grade 7, San Mateo County
Tin Can Tunes
Advisor: Mrs. Berni Schuhmann
School: Cloud (Roy) School, Redwood City
J0815 Hathuc, Chinhnam Grade 7, San Bernardino County
What Wing Design can Generate the Most Lift?
Advisor: Mr. Michael Niederman
School: Ramona Junior High School, Chino
J0816 Hee-Stacpoole, Aaron E. Grade 8, San Francisco County
Lift/Drag Ratio and Time Aloft
Advisor: Mr. Paul Moos
School: Cathedral School for Boys, San Francisco
J0817 Hogg, James D. Grade 8, Santa Barbara County
Up, Up, and Away!
Advisor: Ms. Diane Reuter
School: La Colina Junior High School, Santa Barbara
J0818 Huey, Joanna N. Grade 7, Los Angeles County
The Effect of Geometrical Designs of Ceilings on the Distribution of Sound
Advisor: Dr. Richard Boolootian
School: Mirman School for Gifted Children, Los Angeles
J0819 Johnson, Erik L. Grade 8, Fresno County
Altitude with an Attitude
Advisor: Mr. Vince Oraze
School: Kastner Intermediate School, Fresno
J0820 Johnson, Kent R. Grade 8, San Diego County
Changes in Lift in Relation to Airfoil Design
Advisor: Ms. Mary Pat Hepp
School: Bishop's (The) School, La Jolla
J0821 Jones, Nickolaus L. Grade 8, Santa Cruz County
Nick's Electric Solar Automobile
Advisor: Mrs. Joanne Jones
School: Charter 25-SLV Dist., Ben Lomond
J0822 Kemp, Heather L. Grade 8, Riverside County
Speed Through Water!
Advisor: Mr. Harry Post
School: Dartmouth Middle School, Hemet
J0823 Klein, Jennifer K. Grade 8, Orange County
What is the Best Water to Air Ratio for a Bottle Rocket?
Advisor: Jelica Campas
School: St. Bonaventure Catholic School, Huntington Beach
J0824 LeCount-Thompson, Stephanie B. Grade 7, Calaveras County
Aircraft Wing Shape Comparison
School: Toyon Middle School, Valley Springs
J0825 Leggio, Jeff A. Grade 7, Kern County
Flying High: The Effect of the Angle of Attack of an Airplane's Wing on its Ability to Fly at Lower Speeds
Advisor: Mr. John Fowler
School: Fruitvale Junior High School, Bakersfield
J0826 Melton, Matthew S. Grade 7, Kern County
Speeding Rockets
Advisor: Mr. Tom Haycock
School: Greenfield Junior High School, Bakersfield
J0827 Pignati, Michael A. Grade 8, San Mateo County
What in the World are you Wearing? Or, the Fire Resistance and Safety of Fabrics
School: St. Gregory Elementary School, San Mateo
J0828 Smith, Brandon A. Grade 8, Fresno County
Determining the Effects of Water Seal on Various Wood's Combustion Rate
Advisor: Mr. Edward Case
School: Washington Middle School, Sanger
J0829 Stitt, Andrew D. Grade 8, San Diego County
Which Wind-Driven Propeller Provides the Most Power?
Advisor: Ms Sherry Jones
School: Julian Junior High School, Julian
J0830 Vandergon, Kelly W. Grade 7, Fresno County
Which Wing Size Produces the Most Lift?
Advisor: Mrs. Barbara Hanser
School: Alta Sierra Intermediate School, Clovis
J0831 Wells, Mark B. Grade 7, San Bernardino County
Spacecraft Heat Dissipation
Advisor: Ms. Joanna Liebl
School: Pinon Mesa Middle School, Phelan
J0832 Westling, Stig D. Grade 8, San Bernardino County
What is the Most Effective Windmill Sail?
Advisor: Mrs. Julia Smith
School: Big Bear Middle School, Big Bear Lake
J0899 Wisniew, Carolyn Grade 8, San Diego County
Energy Conscious Design: The Effect of Wall Surface Area on Heat Loss
Advisor: Mrs. Rosalie Wisniew
School: St. Didacus Parochial School, San Diego

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