1998 Category Winners in
Electricity & Electronics


First Place: S0605
Fleischaker, Nathan A. Grade 11, San Diego County
Construction of a Dew Point Hydrometer Using a Thermoelectric Cooling Device
Advisor: Mr. David Emmerson
School: La Costa Canyon High School, Carlsbad

Second Place: S0607
Hanna, Sara K. Grade 9, Mendocino County
Nonconductive Boom Materials and the Directivity of Yagi Antennas
Advisor: Mr. Tim Hanna
School: Willits High School, Willits

Third Place: S0699
Oknaian, Nareg Grade 9, Los Angeles County
Flywheels Store Energy
Advisor: Vatche Oknaian
School: A.G.B.U. Manoogian Demirdjian School, Canoga Park

Honorable Mention: S0608
Johnson, Todd E. Grade 10, San Diego County
Seismic Actuated Ball Valve: Phase II
Advisor: Ms. Judith Reith
School: Point Loma High School, San Diego

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