1999 Category Winners in
Fluid Mechanics/ Aerodynamics/ Thermophysics


First Place: S0917
Whittinghill, Ian R. Grade 9, Ventura County
Establishing the Regression Rate of Polyethylene Fuel in a Nitrous Oxide Powered Rocket Motor
Advisor: Mr. Vonnie Hicks
School: Camarillo (Adolfo) High School, Camarillo

Second Place: S0906
Gilbert, Benson L. Grade 12, Sonoma County
Which Type of Wing Fillet Produces the Least Amount of Interference Drag?
Advisor: Mr. Jay Goldberg
School: Analy High School, Sebastopol

Third Place: S0911
Mohr, Derek C. Grade 9, Kern County
Martian Headwinds: An Analytical Study of Mars' Atmosphere and Aerodynamics
Advisor: Mrs. Debbie Lewis
School: Desert Junior/Senior High School, Edwards

Honorable Mention: S0915
Spector, Alexander D. Grade 12, Los Angeles County
Testing a Small Blimp for Use in Reconnaissance and the Firing of Rockets
Advisor: Mr. John Shirajian
School: Clairmont Academy, Van Nuys

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