2000 Category Winners in
Physics & Astronomy


First Place: J1414
Injeyan, Lara A. Grade 6, Los Angeles County
Advisor: Dr. Hagop Injeyan
School: Chamlian (Vahan & Anoush) Armenian School, Glendale

Second Place: J1408
Clark, Daniel L. Grade 6, Santa Cruz County
How Much Acoustical Resistance Is Posed by a Given Material at Different Frequencies?
Advisor: Ms. Carol Moore
School: San Lorenzo Valley Elementary School, Felton

Third Place: J1425
Thayer, Sari A. Grade 7, San Mateo County
0-40 mph in...
Advisor: Mr. Jerry Trenter
School: Cunha (Manuel F.) Intermediate School, Half Moon Bay

Honorable Mention: J1405
Caldwell, Dylan F. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Which Wavelengths of Light Are the Most Efficient in Producing Power Out of a Solar Cell?
Advisor: Ms. Gina Lucariello
School: Adams (John) Middle School, Santa Monica

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