2000 Category Winners in
Electricity & Electronics


First Place: S0608
Stuart, Tamara M. Grade 10, Riverside County
Helical Antenna Radiation Propagation as a Function of Axial Length
Advisor: Mrs. Kathleen Been
School: Palm Springs High School, Palm Springs

Second Place: S0602
Hanna, Sara K. Grade 11, Mendocino County
Impact of Fractal Antenna Elements on a Quagi Array
Advisor: Mr. Tim Hanna
School: Willits High School, Willits

Third Place: S0607
Petre, Csaba M. Grade 9, Ventura County
Riding the Wave to the Future: Using Electromagnetic Resonators to Exhibit Quantum Computer Operations
Advisor: Dr. Peter Petre
School: Agoura High School, Agoura Hills

Honorable Mention: S0609
Suen, Jonathan Y. Grade 10, Fresno County
Turning Up the Heat: Improved Cryptography for Military and E-Commerce Applications
Advisor: Mr. Wayne Garabedian
School: Clovis West High School, Fresno

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