2001 Category Winners in
Environmental Engineering

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First Place: J0821
Rich, Brent D., Grade 8
A New Use for 200 Year Old Technology: Generating Energy from Trash
Advisor: Mrs. Joyce Roderick
School: Jefferson (Thomas) Middle School, Madera, Madera County

Second Place: J0820
Pitts, Ian M., Grade 8
Got Iron? The Ability of Aeration, Precipitation, and Filtration to Remove Iron from Ground Water
Advisor: Mr. Kevin Lane
School: Pacific Union School, Arcata, Humboldt County

Third Place: J0823
Rusch, Andrew S., Grade 8
Reducing the Turbidity of Storm Water Effluent Using Different Types of Filter Media Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Cynthia Vodraska
School: Sequoia Middle School, Newbury Park, Ventura County

Honorable Mention: J0812
Kard, Megan C., Grade 8
Which Wood Keeps You Warmest Without Smoking You Out?
Advisor: Mr. Matthew Karsevar
School: Clark (C. Todd) Intermediate School, Clovis, Fresno County

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