2001 Category Winners in
Fluid Mechanics/ Aerodynamics/ Thermophysics

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First Place: J0921
Malherbe, Ryan, Grade 8
Vortex Generators: Effective Airflow Accelerators? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Michael Malherbe
School: Chaparral Middle School, Moorpark, Ventura County

Second Place: J0920
Lipton, Zach L., Grade 7
Let's Hear It in the Gym Community Center: An Acoustical Study Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. Jennifer Spaeth
School: Nueva Center for Learning, Hillsborough, San Mateo County

Third Place: J0924
McLaughlin, Daniel S., Grade 8
Autorotation of Polygonal Prisms in an Airstream Project Abstract
Advisor: Dr. Nancy Custer
School: Horicon School, Annapolis, Sonoma County

Honorable Mention: J0931
Roussin, Nicole S., Grade 8
The Effect of Reflective Surfaces on Solar Oven Efficiency
Advisor: Mrs. Linay McKeever
School: Nobel (Alfred Bernhard) Middle School, Northridge, Los Angeles County

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