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First Place: S1508
Howard, Tevis A., Grade 11
Development of a Novel Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis
Advisor: Ms. Tanya Buxton
School: Menlo School, Atherton, San Mateo County

Second Place: S1522
Williams, Stephanie A., Grade 10
The Eyes Have It: Visual Perception in Children With and Without Dyslexia
Advisor: Mr. Daniel Welsh-Bon
School: Pacific Collegiate School, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County

Third Place: S1504
Chang, Cheng-nin, Grade 10
Do All Three Cone Cells Fatigue at the Same Rate? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Julie Maemoto
School: Diamond Bar High School, Diamond Bar, Los Angeles County

Honorable Mention: S1521
Villanueva, Danya, Grade 12
Effect of Orientation Angles on Perception of the McCollough Effect Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Larry Nordell
School: Mount Miguel High School, Spring Valley, San Diego County

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