CSSF Students Win at the Fifth Annual
Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge

Three CSSF Students Receive Special Prizes

(October 22, 2003) - Four Special Prizes in the Fourth Annual Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge have been awarded to CSSF students, who were chosen from among 40 finalists, who in turn were selected from 7,300 students nominated this year.

Justin Koh received the Channel Dream Science Trip Award, Patrick Saris received the Department of Commerce Award for Youth Technology, and Jacob Rucker received two awards, the Discovery Kids TV Star Award and shared in the Discovery Channel Team Prize.

The DCYSC is a national science competition for students in grades 5-8 created by the Discovery Channel (Discover Communications, Inc., DCI) and Science Service to encourage the exploration, understanding, and communication of science among the next generation of America's youth.

Here are more details about these DCYSC winners from the 2003 California State Science Fair:

Student City Pictures
J1532 Rucker, Jacob J. Encinitas Category Award
J0133 Saris, Patrick Calabasas Category Award
J1420 Koh, Justin Bakersfield Category Award

For further details about the competition, including pictures and stories of the different opportunities provided to its participants, and profiles of all of the finalists, please see the official DYSC website at www.discovery.com/dysc or the Science Service site at www.sciserv.org/dysc.

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