J0502 Barrack, Frank A. Grade 8, San Diego County
Bonds Are Broken by Light: The Effect of Varying Salinities on Hydrolysis Using Constant Energy from a Solar Panel Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Shloe Donoghue
School: All Hallows Academy, La Jolla
J0503 Bhambi, Neil Grade 8, Kern County
Gotta' Sweet Tooth: Does Microbial Fermentation Produce Acid in the Mouth with Aspartame and Various Sugars? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. William Plain
School: Fruitvale Junior High School, Bakersfield
J0504 Busemeyer, Brian D. Grade 7, Alameda County
Where the Big Crystal Grows Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. Patty Mehl
School: St. Philip Lutheran School, Dublin
J0505 Epperson, Daniel G. Grade 6, Humboldt County
To Press or Espress "O". That is Meletta Question Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Suerie McNeill
School: Freshwater Elementary School, Eureka
J0506 Feuerborn, Lauren E. Grade 6, Ventura County
Ready... Set... Ferment! Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. David Sheaks
School: St. Paul's Parish Day School, Ventura
J0507 Gevorkian, Garen Grade 6, Los Angeles County
Verification of Avogadro's Law Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Lida Gevorkian
School: Chamlian (Vahan & Anoush) Armenian School, Glendale
J0508 Hernandez, Monica J. Grade 7, Orange County
Does the Amount of Natural Fruit Juice Affect the Amount of Vitamin C in Packaged Juice Drinks? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Jelica Campos
School: St. Bonaventure Catholic School, Huntington Beach
J0509 Hoffman, Elisha K. Grade 8, San Mateo County
Effects of Pressure and Conductivity on Regelation Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. Allison Haselton
School: Tierra Linda Middle School, San Carlos
J0510 Huck, Elizabeth M. Grade 7, Orange County
Catalysts Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Tracy Diaz
School: Acaciawood College Preparatory Academy, Anaheim
J0511 Kaufman, John A. Grade 8, San Mateo County
Heatin' It Up! A Study of the Greenhouse Effect Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Mark Jorgensen
School: Ralston Middle School, Belmont
J0512 Killmer, Travis J. Grade 8, Mendocino County
Ironic: Iron Content in Fruits and Vegetables Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Colin Matheson
School: Willits Charter School, Willits
J0513 Kroger, Jonathan D. Grade 8, Ventura County
Which Juice Has the Most Vitamin C? Project Abstract
Advisor: Miss Caryn Asherson
School: Pinecrest School, Simi Valley, Simi Valley
J0514 Liu, Beyang Y. Grade 8, Orange County
Viscosity: A Sticky Situation Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Julie Leach
School: Sierra Vista Middle School, Irvine
J0515 Long, Jenna W. Grade 7, Orange County
Category Award
Burn Baby Burn Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Kathy Marvin
School: Sierra Vista Middle School, Irvine
J0516 Sumait, Nicole C. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Trash to Glucose for Ethanol Production Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. Susan Rizk
School: Nativity Catholic School, Torrance
J0516 Marjes, Nicole Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Trash to Glucose for Ethanol Production Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. Susan Rizk
School: Nativity Catholic School, Torrance
J0517 Mascharak, Smita Grade 8, Santa Cruz County
Category Award
Chemically Probing the Legitimacy of Ancient Herbs as Alternative Medicine Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. Sherri Kilkenny
School: Mission Hill Junior High School, Santa Cruz
J0518 Matulich, Allison N. Grade 8, Riverside County
From Here to Maine: Is Tap Water All the Same? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Thomas Morrison
School: Jurupa Middle School, Riverside
J0519 McKeown, Patrick R. Grade 8, San Diego County
Electrolyte Electrolysis Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. Maria Halpern
School: Muirlands Middle School, La Jolla
J0520 McKinney, Paul D., II Grade 8, San Luis Obispo County
Chillin' Out With Milk: The Effects Fat Has on Freezing Milk Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Wendy McKeown
School: Atascadero Junior High School, Atascadero
J0521 Miake, Camille T. Grade 7, Orange County
Got Vitamin C? Determining the Relative Amount of Vitamin C in Preserved Fruits using Titration Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Roy Kaleikau
School: Fairmont Private Junior High School, Anaheim
J0522 Mooradian, Kristina A. Grade 7, Orange County
Natural "C" Sources Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. Rachel Mollis
School: St. Margaret's Episcopal School, San Juan Capistrano
J0523 Nikkel, Janna E. Grade 7, Kern County
Can Chelating Calcium Improve Circulation? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Brenda Kirby
School: Rio Bravo-Greeley School, Bakersfield
J0524 Painter, Kelly L. Grade 6, Nevada County
The Effects of Leavening on Baked Goods Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Barry Kyle
School: Gilmore (Lyman) Middle School, Grass Valley
J0525 Parker, Daniela Z. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Are All Reds Red? Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. L. McKeever
School: Nobel (Alfred Bernhard) Middle School, Northridge
J0526 Reynolds, Scott R. Grade 6, San Bernardino County
Need Energy? Got Calories? Project Abstract
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Big Bear Elementary School, Big Bear Lake
J0527 Rosen, Nina E. Grade 7, Monterey County
Are Your Fillings Leaking? Comparing Leakage of Three Dental Filling Materials Exposed to an Acidic Diet Soft Drink Project Abstract
Advisor: Dr. Grant Rosen
School: San Benancio Middle School, Salinas
J0528 Russell, Tiffany B. Grade 8, Ventura County
Growing Crystals: Nature's Gems Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Rita Armstrong
School: Los Cerritos Middle School, Thousand Oaks
J0529 Salt, Danielle Grade 8, Santa Barbara County
Cigarette Filters: Do They Really Work? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Ron Pembleton
School: La Colina Junior High School, Santa Barbara
J0530 Selsted, Patrick L. Grade 6, Orange County
Category Award
Vinegar pH and CO(2) Production in the Reaction with Baking Soda Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. Beth Zemke
School: Turtle Rock Elementary School, Irvine
J0531 Unland, Chelsia A. Grade 6, Riverside County
How Do the Enzymes in Laundry Detergent Affect the Protein in an Egg? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Kara Unland
School: Red Mountain Christian School, Hemet
J0531 Unland, Malakai A. Grade 7, Riverside County
How Do the Enzymes in Laundry Detergent Affect the Protein in an Egg? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Kara Unland
School: Red Mountain Christian School, Hemet
J0532 Vaidyanathan, Gautam S. Grade 8, Orange County
Category Award
Which Commercial Ibuprofen Tablet Has the Greatest Dose Variation? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Rodney King
School: Ayer (Bernice) Middle School, San Clemente
J0533 Willis, Corey J. Grade 7, Santa Cruz County
The Isolation and Characterization of Lavender Essential Oils Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Darrell Steely
School: Pacific Collegiate School, Santa Cruz
J0534 Zimmerman, ChristyAnna F. Grade 8, El Dorado County
Oxygen Levels and Burn Time Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Gloria Silva
School: Rolling Hills Middle School, El Dorado Hills
J0599 Jenkins, Michele K. Grade 7, Fresno County
Do pH and Ingredient Ratio Levels Affect Fruit Peel Mixtures Used to Preserve Plants in Freezing Conditions? Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. Twila Young
School: Sanger Academy Charter School, Sanger

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