2004 Category Winners in
Behavioral Sciences

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First Place: J0316
Hoffman, Melissa K. Grade 7, Santa Clara County
Being Broad Minded: Effects of Size of Angle and Apparent Depth on the Ponzo Illusion
Advisor: Ms. Sarah Broadbent
School: Pinewood High School, Los Altos Hills

Second Place: J0323
Mathur, Maya B. Grade 7, San Mateo County
The Differential Effects of Visual vs. Auditory Distractions on Memory
Advisor: Dr. David Reichling
School: Corte Madera Middle School, Portola Valley

Third Place: J0332
Pulbrook, Taylor S. Grade 7, Riverside County
Red Light, Green Light: Does the Color of Light Impact Reaction Times?
Advisor: Mr. Harry Post
School: Dartmouth Middle School, Hemet

Honorable Mention: J0311
Glicksberg, Miriam C. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
What Causes Absence of Relative Pitch?
Advisor: Mr. Frank Phillips
School: Kadima Hebrew Academy, Woodland Hills

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