2004 Category Winners in
Pharmacology/ Toxicology

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First Place: J1420
Miller, Kristin N. Grade 8, Ventura County
The Hidden Dangers of Ozone Depletion: Is Our Food Supply at Risk?
Advisor: Mrs. Marilyn Usher
School: La Reina High School, Thousand Oaks

Second Place: J1414
Kennedy, Kevin P. Grade 7, San Diego County
Glutathione Lowers Blood Pressure
Advisor: Ms. Elaine Pavlovich
School: Diegueno Middle School, Encinitas

Third Place: J1418
McLaughlin, Juliana C. Grade 8, Orange County
How Effective is Beta-Carotene in Fighting Cancer in Plants?
Advisor: Mr. Robert Grant
School: Pegasus Middle School, Huntington Beach

Honorable Mention: J1425
Spevack, Samuel C. Grade 8, San Diego County
The Effects of Magnetic Pole Reversals on Radish Plants
Advisor: Mrs. Gretchen Taylor
School: Hillsdale Middle School, El Cajon

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