2004 Category Winners in
Social Sciences (Junior Division Only)

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First Place: J1705
Espiritu, Ilyssa R. Grade 6, Kern County
"Excuse Me, Do You Have the Time?" Responses Recorded Dressed as a "Tomboy" as Opposed to a "Young Lady"
Advisor: Mrs. Katie Campbell
School: Sing Lum Elementary, Bakersfield

Second Place: J1717
Sisk, Riley R. Grade 7, Santa Cruz County
Candy or Medicine? Children May Be Confused
Advisor: Dr. Thomas Dembski
School: Holy Cross School, Santa Cruz

Third Place: J1714
Morgan, Alexander J. Grade 7, Los Angeles County
Thumb's Up
Advisor: Miss Toni Stolo
School: St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Encino

Honorable Mention: J1707
Gifford, Katharine K. Grade 6, San Mateo County
Slow Down, You Move Too Fast: A Study of Speeding on Woodside Road
Advisor: Mr. Kevin Kinsella
School: Woodside Elementary School, Woodside

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