Electricity & Electronics

J0701 Aarstad, Cassidy A. Grade 8, Modoc County
The Speed of the 21st Century Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Sally Clark
School: Modoc Middle School, Alturas
J0702 Ahmed, Maliha S. Grade 7, Kern County
The Effect of Wire Looping and Layering on the Strength of Electromagnets Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Susan Lippert
School: Tevis Junior High School, Bakersfield
J0703 Bairrington, Benjamin J. Grade 6, Humboldt County
Infinite Power of Electromagnets Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. Mel McGuire
School: McKinleyville Middle School, McKinleyville
J0704 Beitman, Michael H.H. Grade 8, Orange County
Potential Solar Cells for the Developing World Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Robert Grant
School: Pegasus Middle School, Huntington Beach
J0705 Bouffard, Chapin B. Grade 8, Contra Costa County
Plug into Water: Generating Electricity through Electrokinetics Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Brian Swanson
School: Holy Rosary School, Antioch
J0706 Cooperman, Julia N. Grade 8, Santa Barbara County
Propagation Station Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Brad Penkala
School: Goleta Valley Junior High School, Goleta
J0707 Corlett, Nicole L. Grade 8, San Benito County
Does Temperature Affect the Performance of a Fuel Cell? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Leslie Anderson
School: Rancho San Justo Junior High School, Hollister
J0708 Crowther, David K. Grade 7, San Benito County
Avoiding the Subject: Avoider Robot's Performance in Mazes and Obstacle Courses Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Eric Crowther
School: Spring Grove School, Hollister
J0709 Egbert, Nitin K. Grade 7, Santa Clara County
The Design and Construction of a Less Expensive Satellite Launcher Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Chandan Egbert
School: Milpitas Christian School, San Jose
J0710 Felsman, Kyle R. Grade 6, Los Angeles County
The Effect of Light on a Solar Panel Project Abstract
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: St. John Fisher, Rancho Palos Verdes
J0711 Fisher, Megan K. Grade 8, San Mateo County
Is Your Cell Phone Cooking Your Brain? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. William Dolyniuk
School: Woodside Elementary School, Woodside
J0712 Heller, Mariah C. Grade 6, Monterey County
The Ancient Baghdad Battery Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Michael Heller
School: International School of Monterey, Monterey
J0713 Kesavaraju, Anand Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Fuel Cells: Which Catalyst to Choose? Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. Emily Hoffman
School: South Pasadena Middle School, South Pasadena
J0714 Kim, Albert C. Grade 8, Santa Clara County
Sound Detector Radar Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Francis Lee
School: Miller (Joaquin) Middle School, San Jose
J0715 Kim, Brian T. Grade 7, Los Angeles County
Which Is More Efficient: Fuel Cells or Solar Cells? Project Abstract
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Portola (Gaspar de) Junior High School, Tarzana
J0716 Mattingly, Zachary M. Grade 6, Calaveras County
Saving with Solar Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Robert Roesner
School: San Andreas Elementary School, San Andreas
J0716 Satterberg, Carl D. Grade 6, Calaveras County
Saving with Solar Project Abstract
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: San Andreas Elementary School, San Andreas
J0717 Mendonsa, Aaron J. Grade 8, Orange County
A Sonar Device: An Application to Prevent Auto Collisions Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Maggie Johnson
School: MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate School, Santa Ana
J0718 Meyer, Frederick J. Grade 7, Santa Cruz County
Category Award
An Analysis of Active vs. Passive Electronic Filters Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. Bonnie Kelly
School: Santa Cruz Montessori (Wavecrest) School, Aptos
J0719 Nowak, Anna K. Grade 8, San Diego County
Category Award
Static Discharge Danger at the Pumps Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. Sally Sondreal
School: Marshall (Thurgood) Middle School, San Diego
J0720 Paddock, Trenton J. Grade 8, Riverside County
Wave Energy: Power of Our Future Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Arthur McMahon
School: Elsinore Middle School, Lake Elsinore
J0721 Padron, Vanessa D. Grade 8, Fresno County
Does the Amount of Hydrogen Used in a Fuel Cell Affect the Amount of Electricity Produced? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Edward Case
School: Washington Academic Middle School, Sanger
J0722 Pless, Evie Grade 7, San Mateo County
Category Award
Lunar Communication: Determining Laser Power Needed Project Abstract
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: La Entrada Middle School, Menlo Park
J0723 Sicktich, David M. Grade 8, Kern County
Factors that Affect a Magnetic Linear Accelerator Projectile Distance Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Eric Sands
School: Fruitvale Junior High School, Bakersfield
J0724 Solanki, Ravi K. Grade 8, Kern County
Danger: High Voltage Shocking Solutions Project Abstract
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Norris Middle School, Bakersfield
J0725 Suvagian, Gary K. Grade 8, Mendocino County
Kirlian Photography Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. Erin Vaccaro
School: Willits Charter School, Willits
J0726 Wylde, Micah J. Grade 8, Santa Cruz County
Category Award
Discourse on Asymmetrical Capacitors Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Shama Hinard
School: Kirby (Georgiana Bruce) Preparatory High Sch, Santa Cruz

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