2005 Category Winners in
Physics & Astronomy

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First Place: J1533
Simon, Alexandra L. Grade 8, Orange County
Density's Effect on Amplitude: The Untold Story
Advisor: Mr. Joseph Ingalls
School: St. Margaret's Episcopal School, San Juan Capistrano

Second Place: J1536
Sweeney, Lindsey K. Grade 7, San Diego County
Blackbody Thermal Emission
Advisor: Ms. Danielle Whitaker
School: Good Shepherd Catholic School, San Diego

Third Place: J1520
Kowtko, Nicole Grade 6, San Mateo County
Can You Hear Me Now?
Advisor: Mr. Kevin Kinsella
School: Woodside Elementary School, Woodside

Honorable Mention: J1522
Lakhanpal, Nitish Grade 8, Orange County
Tempest in a Teacup: An Experiment to Examine Post-Superheating Nucleation in Microwave Heating
Advisor: Mr. Mark Hobbs
School: Fairmont Private - Edgewood Campus, Santa Ana

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