2005 Category Winners in
Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology

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First Place: S0408
Jensen, Jeffrey L. Grade 12, San Diego County
Isolation by Distance: Quantifying Genetic Similarity in Relation to Geographic Distance
Advisor: Dr. Scott Kelley
School: High Tech High, San Diego

Second Place: S0411
Kidambi, Trilokesh D. Grade 12, Los Angeles County
Underlying Mechanisms of the Lewis Negative Phenotype's Relationship with Cardiovascular Disease
Advisor: Mr. Robert Bolton
School: Claremont High School, Claremont

Third Place: S0401
Andrews, Danielle B. Grade 11, San Diego County
The Involvement of Small G-protein ARL-6 in the Formation of Sensory Cilia
Advisor: Mrs. Victoria Coordt
School: Torrey Pines High School, Encinitas

Honorable Mention: S0422
Sindhu, Kunal K. Grade 12, Orange County
The Effect of the Superoxide Anion on Cytochrome C
Advisor: Ms. Shannon Bunch
School: University High School, Irvine

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