2005 Category Winners in
Pharmacology/ Toxicology

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First Place: S1409
Honda, Ryan J. Grade 11, Los Angeles County
Gamma Radiation Effects on Plant Growth
Advisor: Mr. Mark Michail
School: Ribet Academy, Los Angeles

Second Place: S1420
Wong, Charles C. Grade 12, San Diego County
Potential Celecoxib-induced Cerebrovascular Signaling Alterations in HIV Patients
Advisor: Dr. Dianne Langford
School: High Tech High, San Diego

Third Place: S1421
Yan, Lisa Grade 12, Los Angeles County
Discovery of Novel Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors for Breast Cancer
Advisor: Dr. Joseph Cocozza
School: Bravo (Francisco) Medical Magnet High School, Los Angeles

Honorable Mention: S1403
Catalano, Gina G. Grade 11, Monterey County
The Effect of Airborne Pesticide Pollution on Student Attendance in Salinas Elementary Schools
Advisor: Dr. Susan Kegley
School: Salinas High School, Salinas

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