Mammalian Biology

S1001 Aguanno, Kristen A. Grade 10, Riverside County
A Study Comparing the Posterior Motion of C. commersonii and O. orca Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Denise Aguanno
School: Palm Springs High School, Palm Springs
S1002 Burke, Tierney R. Grade 10, Ventura County
Category Award
Nail-Patella Syndrome Phenotype Expression and Inheritance of LMX1B Gene Mutation Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Sadhana R. Neurgaonkar
School: La Reina High School, Thousand Oaks
S1003 Castillo, Jason R. Grade 12, Fresno County
Blood Pressure: What Impact Does the Common Method of Measuring Blood Pressure Have on the Accuracy of B.P. Readings? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Jeanette Coburn
School: Clovis High School, Clovis
S1004 Cooper, Paul M. Grade 9, Orange County
Do You Hear What I Hear? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Sheri Anderson
School: Mater Dei High School, Santa Ana
S1005 Frye, Danica A. Grade 9, Ventura County
Got Stamina? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Jason Falkin
School: La Reina High School, Thousand Oaks
S1006 Glicksberg, Miriam C. Grade 9, Los Angeles County
Category Award
Do the Right and Left Ears Hear Notes Differently in Atonal Individuals? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Annie Darakjian
School: El Camino Real High School, Woodland Hills
S1007 Lee, Megan M. Grade 11, Riverside County
Ammonia: The Passed Gas, Part II Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Phil Beach
School: Centennial High School, Corona
S1008 Little, Gina M. Grade 9, Monterey County
The Effects of Diet on Blood Glucose Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Pam Durkee
School: York School, Monterey
S1009 Lluncor, David E. Grade 10, Los Angeles County
Maintaining Correct Balance: Spatial Coding and Its Dependence on Natural Stimuli Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Peter Starodub
School: Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, Rolling Hills Estate
S1010 Sengoba, Katherine S. Grade 11, Orange County
The Effects on the Flow Rate, as a Representation of Stroke Volume and Cardiac Output, and Pressure on a Model Heart wit Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Michael Antrim
School: Woodbridge High School, Irvine
S1011 Tang-Quan, Karis R. Grade 10, Los Angeles County
Category Award
Bioartificial Engineered Heart Tissue: in vitro Construction of Contractile Cardiomyocytes for Tissue Replacement Therap Project Abstract
Advisor: Mr. Peter Starodub
School: Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, Rolling Hills Estate
S1012 Taulbee, Matthew R. Grade 10, Orange County
Are Mice Territorial? Project Abstract
Advisor: Ms. Gwen Corbett
School: Villa Park High School, Villa Park
S1013 Williams, Samantha M. Grade 10, Kern County
Category Award
Does Varying Feed Affect the Milk of Lactating Caprines? Project Abstract
Advisor: Mrs. Jennifer Wilkie
School: Bakersfield High School, Bakersfield

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