California State Science Fair
2005 Photographs

Senior division students congregate outside the Wallis Annenberg Building during the break in judging. In the foreground are several students from University High School in Irvine, Orange County. From left to right are Christina Zhu, Xiangyi (Angela) Ji, Swetha Kambhampati, and Linnea L. Motts. In the near background on the left we see, over Swetha's right shoulder, Raquel J. Sojourner, while over her left shoulder is Anna M. Loch. In the far background directly above Swetha's head is Shain M. Neumeier (left, black dress) and Thomas W. Moulia (big hair, holding bottle). In the far group of boys at the top of the steps is Noel L. Lopez (blue suit and pants). At the far right is Terik Daly (facing left and toward camera). Remaining students in this photograph are presently unidentified.
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10:41 am

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