California State Science Fair
2005 Photographs

View along the aisle of Senior Biochemistry. Starting at the front left is Danielle B. Andrews mostly obscured by Senior Biochemistry judge, Mr. Ludwig Hamo, in white shirt and pants. Ordinarily, the next project would have been by Peter Joseph M. Edpao and Sarthi R. Shah, but it was a floor display and was therefore moved to a position behind the camera. Next is Evangeline J. Fleischaker (hands behind back) speaking with Senior Biochemistry judge Dr. Duong P. Huynh in wheelchair. Next, standing with arm raised to the top of his display is Aleksandr Gorin who is speaking with a Senior Biochemistry judge (unidentified) in red dress seen behind him. Just in front of him is a hint of a blue dress, worn by Rachel M. Halper who is speaking with a Senior Biochemistry judge (unidentified) in black dress and glasses. In this picture we cannot see Logan C. Hubbard. The tallest person in the room appears to be Jeffrey L. Jensen. In front of his left shoulder is another Senior Biochemistry judge (unidentified) in gray shirt. Behind him is Xiangyi (Angela) Ji, followed by Abirami Kandasamy in red skirt. Behind Abirami in the background is Jeff Rudolph, CEO of the California Science Center, checking out the displays for himself. In front of Jeff Rudolph's left shoulder is a Senior Biochemistry judge (unidentified, bare headed). Trilokesh D. Kidambi is not seen in this photograph. Starting in the distance on the right is Meredith B. Kirchheimer in green skirt. Just barely visible in front of her face is Sarit A. Klugman. The tall boy is Dylan K. Lake. Coming directly toward the camera from Dylan is Jenny Martinez who is blocking the camera's view of Alicia E. Lee who is visible only for her silver headband behind Jenny's head. Continuing to come toward the camera after an apparent gap is Sierra G. Nichols (long brown hair), an unidentified boy facing away from the camera (project S0419 did not show up at the Fair), David Saryan in striped shirt, Susanna M. Shin, and Kunal K. Sindhu (blue shirt). Finally, seated at the lower right is apparently Brittany M. Weems.
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11:11 am

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