California State Science Fair
2005 Photographs

View of the aisle of Senior Chemistry projects showing most of them in the category. In front is Amber I. Hess. In the middle of the aisle, the man apparently idling in a blue shirt is Dr. David Martinez who is waiting for some judges to finish their interview with another student, to whom Dr. Martinez is about to present a SINAM Recognition Award.
Starting from the front left and working back along the left tables are Losmeiya Huang and Colleen O. Tan who are both apparently speaking with a Senior Chemistry judge (unidentified) who is obscured behind Amber. Behind Colleen is Kelsey A. Jones (light tan suit) who is speaking with a Senior Chemistry judge (unidentified) (dark suit, bare headed). The rest of the people along the left row are presently unidentified, though Ellie A. Krumpholz's forehead and hairline is barely visible over a judge's shoulder.
Starting from the front right and working back along the right tables is Matthew S. Shepherd in blue shirt, brown vest and pants, Alexander S. Parra in soccer player's shirt, Evelyn J. Park facing to the camera's left, Leneve Ong who is watching her left forearm, and Lisa B. Noble who is leaning forward just in front of Leneve's shoulder. The remaining three girls in the far background behind Dr. Martinez are (left to right) Courtney H. McKee, Amanda L. Mundell, and Laila M. Nikaien.
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11:27 am

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