2006 Category Winners in

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First Place: J0535
Tang, Timothy D. Grade 6, Orange County
Boiling Point Elevation
Advisor: Mr. Brian Cady
School: Deerfield Elementary School, Irvine

Second Place: J0520
Marokosian, Tavit Grade 7, Los Angeles County
Catalyst Reaction Rate
Advisor: Mr. Robert Sendrey
School: St. Gregory (A&M) Hovsepian School, Pasadena

Third Place: J0523
Mascharak, Shamik Grade 7, Santa Cruz County
Are Vegetables Stealing Zinc from Your Diet?
Advisor: Mr. Darrell Steely
School: Pacific Collegiate School, Santa Cruz

Honorable Mention: J0516
Levy, Ben E. Grade 7, Alameda County
Making Hydrogen Is a Blast!
Advisor: Mr. David Martin
School: St. Joseph Elementary School, Alameda

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