2006 Category Winners in
Materials Science (Junior Division Only)

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First Place: J1116
Jakpor, Otana A. Grade 7, Riverside County
Do Artificial Nails and Nail Polish Interfere with the Accurate Measurement of Oxygen Saturation by Pulse Oximetry?
Advisor: Dr. Karen Jakpor
School: Woodcrest Christian School, Riverside

Second Place: J1104
Barnes, Heather M. Grade 8, San Diego County
The Effects of Arrhenius Accelerated Aging on O-rings
Advisor: Mr. Robert Barnes
School: Rhoades (The) School, Encinitas

Third Place: J1109
Chen, Anna A. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
A Method to Quantify the Efficacy of Solvents to Remove Petroleum Contamination from Avian Plumage
Advisor: Ms. Stephanie Richardson
School: Ridgecrest Intermediate School, Rancho Palos Verdes

Honorable Mention: J1134
Tran, Carol Grade 8, Contra Costa County
Comparing Effectiveness of Titanium Dioxide with Oxybenzone in Protecting Serratia marcescens against UV Radiation
Advisor: Mrs. Lisa Hensley
School: Windrush School, El Cerrito

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