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First Place: J1319
Mandel, Alex P. Grade 8, Santa Cruz County
Using Solar Energy to Make Drinking Water Safe
Advisor: Ms. Carol Foote
School: Pacific Collegiate School, Santa Cruz

Second Place: J1307
Chavez, Gustavo A. Grade 8, San Diego County
What Are the Effects of Different Humidity Levels on Mold Growth?
Advisor: Mr. Bruce Peterson
School: Rincon Middle School, Escondido

Third Place: J1323
Neilsen-Robbins, Rebecca D. Grade 8, Santa Barbara County
Which Building Materials Are Most Resistant to Mold Growth?
Advisor: Ms. Stephanie Wilkinson
School: Santa Barbara Junior High School, Santa Barbara

Honorable Mention: J1327
Pamula, Ashish B. Grade 7, Riverside County
Herbs: Do They Prevent Periodontal Disease, or Do They Just Sound Healthy? Phase II
Advisor: Mrs. Sujatha Pamula
School: Landmark Middle School, Moreno Valley

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