2006 Category Winners in
Electricity & Electronics

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First Place: S0714
Morikawa, Evan T. Grade 12, San Diego County
Chording Glove: A Novel Alternative to Text Entry in Bluetooth Enabled Peripheral Devices
Advisor: Dr. Jay Vavra
School: High Tech High, San Diego

Second Place: S0712
MacKinnon, Ross A. Grade 11, Monterey County
Marx Bank Driven Flash X-ray Generator: A Powerful Tool to Study High Speed Phenomena
Advisor: Dr. David Platts
School: Stevenson (Robert Louis) High School, Pebble Beach

Third Place: S0715
Neuberger, Anthony J. Grade 11, San Diego County
Development of an Autonomous Navigational System with Applications in Homeland Security, Transportation, and Research
Advisor: Mr. Craig Williams
School: Torrey Pines High School, Encinitas

Honorable Mention: S0704
Dalichaouch, Thamine Grade 9, San Diego County
Is Your Body Exposed to Potentially Harmful 60 Hz Magnetic Fields?
Advisor: Mr. Martin Teachworth
School: La Jolla Senior High School, La Jolla

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