CSSF Category Awards: 2007
Physics & Astronomy

Junior Division


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J1618 — First Place
Michael A. Iorga, Grade 8 portrait
Laser Cooling and Trapping of Rubidium-87 Atoms using MOL
Advisor: Mrs. Nicole Mitchell
School: Sycamore Canyon School, Newbury Park, Ventura County
J1631 — Second Place
Filippo Velli, Grade 8 portrait
Our Spotty Sun: Sunspots and the Sun's Rotation
Advisor: Mrs. Emily Hoffman
School: South Pasadena Middle School, South Pasadena, Los Angeles County
J1625 — Third Place
Nathan J. Manohar, Grade 7 portrait
Quantifying Quality: Violin Sound Analysis
Advisor: Mrs. Roxanne Hunker
School: Rhoades (The) School, Encinitas, San Diego County
J1605 — Fourth Place
Peter J. Chodas, Grade 8 portrait
Do Denser Liquids Always Refract More?
Advisor: Ms. Laura Berger
School: Flintridge Preparatory School, La Canada Flintridge, Los Angeles County
J1608 — Honorable Mention
Zoe E. Dubrow, Grade 8 portrait
Ice Expansion Generators: A Powerful New Source of Renewable Energy
Advisor: Mr. Robert Dubrow
School: Central Middle School, San Carlos, San Mateo County
J1612 — Honorable Mention
Dylan Freedman, Grade 8 portrait
William T. Winick, Grade 8 portrait
Calculating a Projectile's Trajectory
Advisor: Mr. Steve Woodward
School: Carmel Middle School, Carmel, Monterey County
J1621 — Honorable Mention
Robert I. Karz, Grade 6 portrait
The Power of Sound: How Sound Influences Kinetic Energy
Advisor: Mrs. Heidi Schacher
School: Mar Vista Elementary School, Aptos, Santa Cruz County

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