CSSF Category Awards: 2008
Materials Science

Junior Division


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J1222 — First Place
Bolun Liu, Grade 8 portrait
The Hysteresis Curve of a Compressible Fluid
Advisor: Dr. John C. Howe
School: Hopkins (William) Junior High School, Fremont, Alameda County
J1239 — Second Place
Claire A. West, Grade 8 portrait
Torsional Fracture Strength Tests of Sulfur Concrete
Advisor: Ms. Cynthia Rogers
School: South Pasadena Middle School, South Pasadena, Los Angeles County
J1221 — Third Place
Ayako C. Kuki, Grade 8 portrait
How Full Is Full Spectrum?
Advisor: Mrs. Roxanne Hunker
School: Rhoades (The) School, Encinitas, San Diego County
J1203 — Fourth Place
Joshua M. Arreola, Grade 8 portrait
Let's Heat Things Up! Making the Most Efficient Solar Hot Water Panel
Advisor: Mrs. Andria Bloom
School: El Tejon Middle School, Lebec, Kern County

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