CSSF Category Awards: 2008
Applied Mechanics & Structures

Senior Division


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S0219 — First Place
Morgan A. Matzke, Grade 10 portrait
The Effect of Varied Tennis String Tension on the Coefficient of Restitution
Advisor: Ms. Kim Petch
School: California Academy of Mathematics & Science, Carson, Los Angeles County
S0201 — Second Place
Taylor P. Bachelier, Grade 9 portrait
Phillip M. Houghton, Grade 12 portrait
Zachary L. Houghton, Grade 9 portrait
Can You Build a Working Ramjet in Your Garage?
Advisor: Mr. Michael Houghton
School: Inland Christian Academy Program, Corona, Riverside County
S0207 — Third Place
David G. Goehring, Grade 10 portrait
Preventing Pathogen Contamination in a Robotic Arm Specimen Tube Transport System
Advisor: Ms. Shannon Harris
School: Arlington High School, Riverside, Riverside County
S0212 — Fourth Place
Tom J. Hiel, Grade 12 portrait
Load Carrying Capacity of Cylindrical Shells
Advisor: Ms. Marta Wood
School: Palos Verdes High School, Palos Verdes Estates, Los Angeles County
S0216 — Honorable Mention
Chris Kazanchyan, Grade 10 portrait
Adjustable Damper for Shock Absorbers
Advisor: Mr. Wayne Garabedian
School: Clovis West High School, Fresno, Fresno County
S0220 — Honorable Mention
Shane C. McDonough, Grade 10 portrait
The Intonation of Natural and Synthetic Clarinet Reeds
Advisor: Ms. Holly Shewbridge
School: Salinas High School, Salinas, Monterey County
S0234 — Honorable Mention
W. Tyler Winick, Grade 9 portrait
Wind Power: The Quadric Solution
Advisor: Mr. Colin Matheson
School: Carmel High School, Carmel, Monterey County

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