CSSF Project Listings: 2008
Behavioral & Social Sciences

Senior Division

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S0301 — Honorable Mention
Tori A. Adler, Grade 10 portrait
Emily E. Stephens, Grade 10 portrait
The Truth about Childproof
Advisor: Ms. Karen Reynosa
School: Ventura High School, Ventura, Ventura County
Taylor A. Anderson, Grade 10 portrait
Cell Phone vs. Headset in Relation to Reaction Time
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Carrillo (Maria) High School, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County
S0303 — Second Place
Sarah B. Bellingham, Grade 11 portrait
Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?
Advisor: Ms. Michele Guido
School: Santa Catalina (Upper and Lower) School, Monterey, Monterey County
Sundeep K. Brar, Grade 10 portrait
Are Slender Models More Attractive than Full Figured Models? A Psychological Study
Advisor: Mrs. Michele Hampton
School: King (Martin Luther, Jr.) High School, Riverside, Riverside County
Alex L. Burtson, Grade 11 portrait
The Correlation between Religious Maturity and Physiological Reaction Time
Advisor: Dr. Jay Vavra
School: High Tech High, San Diego, San Diego County
Marian M. Fam, Grade 11 portrait
The Effect of Multiple Intelligence Strength on School Performance
Advisor: Ms. Venetia Collier
School: Buchanan (Floyd B.) High School, Clovis, Fresno County
S0307 — Fourth Place
Tarah L. Franklin, Grade 12 portrait
Kaitlyn M. Kennett, Grade 12 portrait
Pump Up the Volume, Bring Down the Grade? The Effects of Audio Stimulation on Mathematical Test Performance
Advisor: Mrs. Debbie Lewis
School: Desert High School, Edwards, Kern County
Arman Ghorbani, Grade 11 portrait
Believing Is Seeing
Advisor: Ms. Judy Fusco
School: Villa Park High School, Villa Park, Orange County
Merle L. Howard, Grade 12 portrait
The Effects of Tempo and Language on Human Focus
Advisor: Mr. Todd Linke
School: Mount Miguel High School, Spring Valley, San Diego County
Kehly D. Kirk, Grade 12 portrait
Integrity First: Does Formal Ethics Training Affect Teens' Ethical Decision-Making?
Advisor: Mr. Mark Grubb
School: Desert High School, Edwards, Kern County
Ayan B. Kusari, Grade 9 portrait
The Effect of Breakfast Consumption on Test Results
Advisor: Dr. Anasua Kusari
School: University High School, Irvine, Orange County
S0312 — First Place
Nitish Lakhanpal, Grade 11 portrait
Spreading the Word: Simulating the Effect of Population Influence Structure on the Propagation of Ideas
Advisor: Mr. David Knight
School: University High School, Irvine, Orange County
Laura S. Levy, Grade 9 portrait
Hear It, Say It, Spell It: Investigating Nonvisual Pathways in Spelling
Advisor: Ms. Roma Levy
School: El Camino Real High School, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles County
Kelsey K. Morton, Grade 10 portrait
This Is Your Brain. This Is Your Brain on Music
Advisor: Ms. Karen Reynosa
School: Ventura High School, Ventura, Ventura County
D. Valle Rogers, Grade 9 portrait
Screen Time vs. GPA
Advisor: Mrs. Erin Vaccaro
School: Willits Charter School, Willits, Mendocino County
Joyce L. Rushton, Grade 11 portrait
Advisor: Mr. Boyd Shelton
School: Ukiah High School, Ukiah, Mendocino County
S0317 — Third Place
Hannah B. Sarver, Grade 11 portrait
Can I Get a Ride? An Analysis of Carpooling
Advisor: Mr. Robert Enenstein
School: Carlmont High School, Belmont, San Mateo County
Parima Shah, Grade 12 portrait
The Effects of Breathing Techniques on Test Anxiety
Advisor: Ms. Wendy Slijk
School: Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego, San Diego County
Xiaozhe Shi, Grade 12 portrait
Human Speech Component Analysis
Advisor: Ms. Wendy Slijk
School: Canyon Crest Academy, San Diego, San Diego County
Nathan K. Tsang, Grade 10 portrait
The Effect of Background Noise on Memory
Advisor: Mr. Todd Samet
School: Redwood High School, Larkspur, Marin County
Alexandra L. Tu, Grade 9 portrait
Turn Up the Music, Just Mute the Lyrics
Advisor: Mrs. Daphne Traeger
School: Gabrielino High School, San Gabriel, Los Angeles County
Christina Zeitountsyan, Grade 11 portrait
Remember to Relax and Relax to Remember: Examining the Effects of Meditative Techniques on Cognitive Ability
Advisor: Dr. Joseph D. Cocozza
School: Bravo (Francisco) Medical Magnet High School, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County

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