2008 California State Science Fair Photographs

photo during judging interview period
8:41 am

Starting from the bottom, on the first row at the left is the project display of the team of Audrianna R. Bonilla and Rebekah B. Doyle and in the center is the team of Julie R. Baker (left) and Karen D. Nichols (right) speaking with Senior Zoology judge, unidentified.

On the next aisle up on the side facing the camera, starting from the left is Jacquelynn L. Besse with only her back visible, Priyanka V. Athavale, Nilesh Tripuraneni speaking with Senior Physics & Astronomy judge, Prof. Stephan Haas, Jessica A. Richeri almost covered up by the tall project display, and at the far right, Kathleen P. Pham in green sweater. On the near side of this aisle facing away from the camera, the only student clearly seen is Jonathan P. Enns in white shirt.

On the next aisle up at the extreme left edge of the photo is Dana M. Meyenberg, and moving to the right, between the tall black and white displays is Alexander P. Padilla (black suit), Alexandra A. Wall (blue dress), Wesley K. Leung speaking with Senior Pharmacology/ Toxicology judge, unidentified (white hair) along with his partner Ivy K. Nguyen, Audrina LeBlanc watching the interview, Elizabeth S. Koo facing forward, and Otana A. Jakpor in blue and white dress.

Finally, on the last aisle with people recognizable, starting from the left is Sudarshan Bhat, and the team of Beth M. Jacobs (left) and Roxanne S. Beltran (right) speaking with Senior Microbiology judge unidentified (balding) while being watched across the aisle by Joyce S. Chai (black hair).

Can you help us identify anyone else in this or other photographs in this collection? If so, please write to us at CalifSF@usc.edu giving the name of the student (or judge) you see and the picture identifier "t0177". Please describe which student you are identifying.

A higher resolution version of this picture is available upon request.

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