2008 California State Science Fair Photographs

photo during judging interview period

At the very bottom of the picture is Brittany M. Pikula in profile. Across the aisle, from left to right, are a Junior Mammalian Biology judge, unidentified, speaking with Matthew K. DeVogelaere, and the team of Michael P. McKenna (left) and John W. Dickerson (right) awaiting their next interview.

In the upper aisle, from left to right, are Rose L. Leopold (partially obscured by a display), India G. Bolding (red dress), Navdeep S. Dhaliwal (light blue shirt), and Kevin C. Johnston at the far right.

8:44 am

Can you help us identify anyone else in this or other photographs in this collection? If so, please write to us at CalifSF@usc.edu giving the name of the student (or judge) you see and the picture identifier "t0200". Please describe which student you are identifying.

A higher resolution version of this picture is available upon request.

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