2008 California State Science Fair
Special Awards Photographs


Dr. Ibrahim El-Hefni Achievement in Science Award

award presentation

Presentation of the Hefni Award to most of the recipients (from left to right): Gian E. Sonza, Jnaneshwar T. Weibel, Gagandeep S. Thandi, Tim O. Hamersley, Ian H. Meeder, Sana Hadyeh, Aubryn R. Butterfield, and Martin Valdivia by Suzanne Wright representing the Hefni Technical Training Institute.

Not present on the Awards Ceremony stage were two recipients not in attendance: Gabriel N. Moss and Oscar Calzada, along with the following students whose names were accidentally not read during the Awards Ceremony: Muzammil A. Khan, Sera H. Aguirre, and Alexander P. Padilla.


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