CSSF Category Awards: 2010
Cognitive Science

Junior Division


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J0617 — First Place
Hafsah A. Lakhany, Grade 7 portrait
To Remember, or Not to Remember, That Is the Question
Advisor: Ms. Tala Harake
School: Orange Crescent School, Garden Grove, Orange County
J0623 — Second Place
Varsha Manjunath, IV, Grade 8 portrait
Detecting Image Forgeries
Advisor: Mr. Brad Penkala
School: Goleta Valley Junior High School, Goleta, Santa Barbara County
J0621 — Third Place
Alexandra Maloof, Grade 8 portrait
Are Ketone Bodies the Cure for Alzheimer's Disease?
Advisor: Mrs. Lorena Maloof
School: St. Mary's Catholic School, El Centro, Imperial County
J0604 — Fourth Place
Aidan P. Chandless, Grade 7 portrait
The Impact of Eye Dominance on the Interpretation of Optical Illusions
Advisor: Mr. Brendan Gummerson
School: St. Matthew's Episcopal School, San Mateo, San Mateo County
J0601 — Honorable Mention
Shruti Aggarwal, Grade 7 portrait
Do You See What I See?
Advisor: Ms. Cynthia Ligeti
School: Medea Creek Middle School, Oak Park, Ventura County
J0615 — Honorable Mention
Jeremy A. Kahan, Grade 8 portrait
Who Remembers Their Math and Science?
Advisor: Ms. Julie Reynolds
School: San Diego (Soille) Hebrew Day School, San Diego, San Diego County
J0619 — Honorable Mention
Kelly L. Luo, Grade 8 portrait
Warped Words and the Stroop Effect
Advisor: Mr. Ken Cornell
School: Fairmont Private Schools - Anaheim Hills, Anaheim Hills, Orange County
J0629 — Honorable Mention
Paul A. Robaia, Grade 8 portrait
Do Visuals Impact Memory? Reveal vs. Conceal
Advisor: Mrs. Kellie Marcarelli
School: Pershing (John J.) Middle School, San Diego, San Diego County

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