CSSF Category Awards: 2010
Electronics & Electromagnetics

Junior Division


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J0903 — First Place
Will H. Baldwin, Grade 7 portrait
The Levitating Train
Advisor: Mr. William Dolyniuk
School: Woodside Elementary School, Woodside, San Mateo County
J0902 — Second Place
Arjun V. Balasingam, Grade 8 portrait
Smart Medicine Cabinet: Using Homemade Sensors, a Microcontroller, and a Laptop to Help Patients Take Medicines on Time
Advisor: Dr. Pratheep Balasingam
School: Challenger School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
J0911 — Third Place
Todd G. Porter, Grade 7 portrait
Solar Charging Your iPhone or iTouch for Dummies
Advisor: Mrs. Yvette Cardenas
School: Holy Spirit School, Fremont, Alameda County
J0915 — Fourth Place
Benjamin T. Yeh, Grade 8 portrait
Christopher T. Yeh, Grade 8 portrait
Prizefight Processors vs. Muscular Memory
Advisor: Mrs. Kathleen Lewis
School: McAuliffe (Sharon Crista) Middle School, Los Alamitos, Orange County
J0906 — Honorable Mention
Mason E. Fordham, Grade 8 portrait
Optimal Coil/Core Geometry for Electromagnetic Accelerators
Advisor: Mr. Dean Okimura
School: Portola (Gaspar de) Middle School, Tarzana, Los Angeles County
J0909 — Honorable Mention
Anthony J. Martin, Grade 8 portrait
The Effect of Core Size and Wire Size on Electromagnet Strength
Advisor: Mrs. Shannon Harris
School: Jefferson (Thomas) Middle School, Wasco, Kern County
J0910 — Honorable Mention
Justin R. Myers, Grade 8 portrait
Speed of DC Motors
Advisor: Mr. Paul Gonzales
School: Heritage Intermediate School, Fontana, San Bernardino County

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