CSSF Category Awards: 2010
Materials Science

Junior Division


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J1502 — First Place
Jennifer L. Bitterly, Grade 8 portrait
Red Hot Magnets
Advisor: Ms. Marilyn Usher
School: La Reina High School, Thousand Oaks, Ventura County
J1527 — Second Place
Margaret Yu, Grade 8 portrait
Elasticity Madness: If and How Temperature Will Affect the Elasticity of Nylon Stockings
Advisor: Mrs. Virginia Cho
School: San Gabriel Christian School, San Gabriel, Los Angeles County
J1516 — Third Place
Andrew J. Poole, Grade 8 portrait
Fog Nets: Effectiveness of Spun Bonded Polyester vs. Polypropylene Netting
Advisor: Mrs. Roxanne Hunker
School: Rhoades (The) School, Encinitas, San Diego County
J1504 — Fourth Place
Emily T. Cox, Grade 7 portrait
Sound Absorption Characteristics
Advisor: Mr. George Taylor
School: Old Orchard School, Campbell, Santa Clara County
J1508 — Honorable Mention
Riley M. Giller, Grade 8 portrait
Is It Green to Go White to Save Green $$$?
Advisor: Ms. Ann Duda
School: Nativity Catholic School, Torrance, Los Angeles County
J1514 — Honorable Mention
Madison P. Meredith, Grade 7 portrait
Going Green While Staying in the Black: An Alternative Material for Packaging
Advisor: Mr. Hoss McNutt
School: Burton Middle School, Porterville, Tulare County
J1521 — Honorable Mention
Cameron K. Stopforth, Grade 8 portrait
Silence Is Golden: The Soundproofing Properties of Materials
Advisor: Mr. Robert Snodgrass
School: Miraleste Intermediate School, Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles County

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