CSSF Category Awards: 2010

Senior Division


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S1731 — First Place
David M. Zimmerman, Grade 9 portrait
Stress Enhances Growth Rate and Electricity Production by Shewanella sp. in a Microbial Fuel Cell
Advisor: Mr. Michael Grasso
School: Brentwood School, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
S1716 — Second Place
Raman V. Nelakanti, Grade 12 portrait
A Novel Approach to Sustained Hydrogen Production by Cycling Photosynthetic Stages in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Advisor: Mrs. Amanda Alonzo
School: Lynbrook High School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
S1724 — Third Place
David K. Tang-Quan, Grade 11 portrait
Evaluating the Role of the ESCRT Complex in Host/Cell Interaction and Stress Response of Candida albicans (Year 3)
Advisor: Mr. Peter Starodub
School: Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, Rolling Hills Estate, Los Angeles County
S1705 — Fourth Place
Jillian A. Drake, Grade 9 portrait
A New Rapid Processing Method for the Detection of Candidatus lieberibacter Bacteria in Psyllid Vectors
Advisor: Ms. Margaret Chapman
School: Fallbrook Union High School, Fallbrook, San Diego County
S1701 — Honorable Mention
Ian J. Bennett, Grade 9 portrait
Microbial Fuel Cell, Year Three: Measuring the Percentage of Anode Electrode Colonization by Geobacter sulfurreducens
Advisor: Ms. Deenie Clinton
School: Sacred Heart Preparatory, Atherton, San Mateo County
S1702 — Honorable Mention
Deepika C. Bodapati, Grade 9 portrait
A Novel Use of Diatoms for Endotoxin Detection
Advisor: Ms. Belinda Schmahl
School: Presentation High School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
S1707 — Honorable Mention
Kathleen F. Estrella, Grade 11 portrait
Jason W. Nettleton, Grade 11 portrait
Investigating Bacteria on Oil Spots by Developing Bioremediation Measurement Methods
Advisor: Dr. Jay Vavra
School: High Tech High, San Diego, San Diego County
S1711 — Honorable Mention
Kevin R. Kaufmann, Grade 11 portrait
Engineering Phage to Treat Bacterial Infections
Advisor: Mrs. Constance Zeeb
School: Clovis High School, Clovis, Fresno County

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