CSSF Project Listings: 2014
Behavioral & Social Sciences

Junior Division

Cherie E. Abramovitz, Grade 8
Being Inkquisitive: Tatoos, Self-Esteem, and Social-Anxiety
Advisor: Mr. Brian Dougherty
School: Bonita Vista Middle School, Chula Vista, San Diego County
Jonah A. Buessing, Grade 7
Does Playing Video Games Affect Heart Rate and Focus?
Advisor: Ms. Diane Bredt
School: St. Mark's School, San Rafael, Marin County
Marie-Therese A. Chahrouri, Grade 8
Are You Mental or Moral? The Effect of Data on the Connection between Moral and Mental Stages from Piaget and Kohlberg
Advisor: Mrs. Teresa Lesieutre
School: Canyon Heights Academy, Campbell, Santa Clara County
J0404 — Third Place
Isaac W. Chizhik, Grade 8
The "Far Side" of Science: How One's Attitude toward Science Affects One's Perception of Humor in G. Larson's "Far Side"
Advisor: Mr. Steve Antti
School: Mt. Everest Academy, San Diego, San Diego County
J0405 — Second Place
Nagee N. Clowney, Grade 7
Color Thoughts: Word Color Association
Advisor: Mrs. Stacey Lerma
School: Vista Heights Middle School, Moreno Valley, Riverside County
J0406 — Honorable Mention
Bracha Cohen, Grade 8
Time Out
Advisor: Mr. Matt Bessler
School: San Diego (Soille) Hebrew Day School, San Diego, San Diego County
J0407 — Honorable Mention
Skyler R. Cordrey, Grade 8
The Effect of "Children at Play" Signs and Being Watched on the Speed of Drivers
Advisor: Mr. Dylan Wade
School: St. Margaret's Episcopal School, San Juan Capistrano, Orange County
Pooja A. Desai, Grade 8
Stress Buster
Advisor: Dr. Komal Desai
School: Warren (Earl) Junior High School, Bakersfield, Kern County
J0409 — First Place
Pelin Ensari, Grade 8
How to Detect the Undetectable: An Empirical Study of a New Microexpression Training for Adolescents
Advisor: Dr. Nurcan Ensari
School: Fairmont Private Junior High School, Anaheim, Orange County
J0410 — Honorable Mention
Elias B. Gilbert, Grade 6
Whoa, Bro! Why So Fast? What Makes People Drive Over the Speed Limit in Santa Cruz?
Advisor: Dr. Gregory Gilbert
School: Mission Hill Junior High School, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County
Jarett A. Grolman, Grade 8
The Stress Effect
Advisor: Mrs. Sarah Rines
School: San Diego Jewish Academy, San Diego, San Diego County
J0412 — Honorable Mention
Marion Hall-Zazueta, Grade 8
Are Negative Consequences or Positive Rewards More Effective as Motivation?
Advisor: Mr. Craig Hall
School: Orchard View School, Sebastopol, Sonoma County
Catherine N. Herberg, Grade 7
People, Numbers, and Gender Bias
Advisor: Ms. Cindy Ligeti
School: Medea Creek Middle School, Oak Park, Ventura County
Skylar R. Heyveld, Grade 7
Positive and Negative Ads
Advisor: Mr. Arturo Velasco
School: Del Dios Middle School, Escondido, San Diego County
Krystal Rose Horton, Grade 7
Dispositional Attitude Measure
Advisor: Mr. Michael Horton
School: Western Center Academy, Hemet, Riverside County
Analise A. Irigoyen, Grade 8
Deal or No Deal?
Advisor: Mr. Christopher Gonzales
School: St. Mary's Catholic School, El Centro, Imperial County
Caroline G. Jordan, Grade 8
Does Beauty Really Lie in the "Eye of the Beholder," or Is It Just Math?
Advisor: Ms. Colleen Duncan
School: Moore Middle School, Redlands, San Bernardino County
Rachel F. Kanevsky, Grade 7
Correlation of the "Marshmallow Test" and Children's Response to Advertising
Advisor: Mrs. Roxanne Hunker
School: Rhoades (The) School, Encinitas, San Diego County
Thomas X. Kenton, Grade 7
Talk Is Cheep: How Does News Affect Social Media?
Advisor: Mrs. Anita Pisciotta
School: St. Anselm Elementary School, San Anselmo, Marin County
Julie Laporte, Grade 8
In Gender We Trust
Advisor: Mrs. Elaine Gillum
School: Marshall (Thurgood) Middle School, San Diego, San Diego County
Jacob W. Litvin, Grade 8
Point of Views
Advisor: Ms. Hilary Waldo
School: Lipman Middle School, Brisbane, San Mateo County
Jacqueline A. Monteon, Grade 8
Measuring the Golden Ratio on Celebrity Faces
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Morse
School: Baca (Joe) Middle School, Bloomington, San Bernardino County
J0423 — Honorable Mention
Benjamin J. Schall, Grade 8
Finding the Most Effective Delay for Delayed Auditory Feedback: Improvements on Speech Jamming
Advisor: Mrs. Darshana Shah
School: Portola (Gaspar de) Highly Gifted Magnet Middle School, Tarzana, Los Angeles County
Sophia E. Seibert, Grade 8
Interacting with an Autistic Child
Advisor: Mr. Christopher Gonzales
School: St. Mary's Catholic School, El Centro, Imperial County
Will J. Shadley, Grade 8
What Influences People to Pick Up Coins?
Advisor: Mr. Fred Largent
School: Village Christian School, Sun Valley, Los Angeles County
Persephone R.J. Shelley, Grade 6
Comparing Various Test Anxiety Self-Regulation Methods and the Effect on Math Fact Scores
Advisor: Miss Carrie Given
School: Valley Arts and Science Academy, Fresno, Fresno County
Angelia M. Silva, Grade 7
What Creeps You Out? Physical Features Affecting the Uncanny Valley in Animated Movies
Advisor: Mrs. Mary Nelson
School: Alta Sierra Intermediate School, Clovis, Fresno County
Elias Sitton, Grade 8
Sugar: The Silent Killer
Advisor: Mrs. Sarah Rines
School: San Diego Jewish Academy, San Diego, San Diego County
J0429 — Fourth Place
Rhitishah Yuva Raju, Grade 6
Light Up Study
Advisor: Ms. Connie Samla
School: Churchill (Winston) Middle School, Carmichael, Sacramento County

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