County/ Regional Fair Submission Deadline App Fee Deadline
Alameda Mar 28 Mar 31
Butte Apr 01 Apr 03
Calaveras Mar 24 Mar 26
Contra Costa Mar 28 Mar 31
(Central Calif.)
Mar 26 Mar 28
Glenn Apr 07 Apr 09
Humboldt Mar 27 Mar 31
Kern Mar 25 Mar 27
Lassen Apr 08 Apr 10
Los Angeles Apr 02 Apr 04
Mendocino Apr 02 Apr 04
Monterey Mar 24 Mar 26
Nevada Apr 12 Apr 14
Orange Apr 09 Apr 11
Placer Mar 18 Mar 20
RIMS Apr 07 Apr 09
Sacramento Mar 28 Mar 31
San Benito Mar 25 Mar 27
San Diego
Apr 01 Apr 03
San Francisco
Mar 31 Apr 02
San Joaquin Mar 19 Mar 21
San Mateo Mar 17 Mar 19
Santa Barbara Mar 21 Mar 24
Santa Clara Apr 08 Apr 10
Santa Cruz Mar 25 Mar 27
Solano Mar 21 Mar 24
Sonoma Mar 18 Mar 20
Tulare Mar 31 Apr 02
Tuolumne NA NA
Ventura Mar 26 Mar 28

Note: “**” in the Application Packet means this date was not set by the time that document was generated. The table above supercedes the Application Packet where they differ.


The procedures for qualified projects and for alternates are different. Qualified projects must meet two distinct deadlines. The Submission Deadline is the date by which you must have completed the application located on the Fair’s Web site. The Application Fee Deadline is the date by which your payment of the Application Fee must be postmarked to the Fair. Failure to meet either deadline may result in qualified applicants being rejected in favor of alternates from the same affiliate. Alternates are required only to meet the Submission Deadline. See below.

Submission Deadline

Your Submission Deadline is the date on or before which your Application must be submitted. Your application will be considered submitted when you have completed the final page of the application and pressed its “Submit” button. You will receive confirmation of receipt of your application via e-mail immediately following its submission. Within one working day submitted applications will be acknowledged on the Fair’s Web site. Please note that although your Application must be submitted through the Fair’s Web site, all other forms found in this Application Packet (where required) must be mailed.

Application Fee Deadline

Immediately after completing your on-line application, students with qualified projects (N.B., qualified projects only, not alternates) should mail the Signature Card (inside back cover) and Application Fee to the Fair. It must be postmarked on or before the date shown in the final column of the table on this page in order for your application to be considered complete. Incomplete applications will not be considered for acceptance to the Fair. Fees paid by school districts must be postmarked by the same Fee Deadline. If your school district is paying your Application Fee, but is unlikely to send it before your deadline, you should submit the Application Fee immediately in order to meet the deadline. After we receive the school district’s payment, we will refund the duplicate Fee back to you.

Qualified Projects vs. Alternates

It is likely that many, if not most, alternates will not be accepted. Therefore, even though alternates must meet the same Submission Deadline as qualified projects alternates should not pay the Application Fee at the time of application. If accepted, alternates will then be instructed to pay the Application Fee and submit a Signature Card, both of which are required in order to participate in the Fair.

Following acceptance of on-time applications from qualified projects, on-time applications from alternates, applications from qualified projects missing either deadline, and applications from alternates missing the Submission Deadline will be accepted only to the extent that their affiliate’s allocation to CSSF allows.

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