CSSF Project Listings: 2016
Mathematics & Computer Science

Junior Division

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J1401 — Second Place
Ruchir Baronia, Grade 8 portrait
Rescuer: A Hands-Free Mobile App for Emergencies with Easy Access for the Physically Impaired
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Windemere Ranch Middle School, San Ramon, Contra Costa County
Cameron N. Cage, Grade 8 portrait
A Sense of Stylometry
Advisor: Ms. Christine Baldwin
School: Grant K-8, San Diego, San Diego County
Galen M. Cholbi, Grade 6 portrait
Spaceship Soup: Predicting the Emergence of Moving Objects from Random Configurations of Cells in Cellular Automata
Advisor: Mrs. Anona Gasca
School: Kimbark Elementary School, San Bernardino, San Bernardino County
Erin M. deCastongrene, Grade 8 portrait
Pegs and Programming
Advisor: Mr. John Wright
School: Pacific Collegiate School, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County
Peter L. Eckmann, Grade 7 portrait
Are Genetic Algorithms Effective for Computationally Intense Problems?
Advisor: Mr. Jens Klubberud
School: Maris (Stella) Academy, La Jolla, San Diego County
Madison A. Elliott, Grade 8 portrait
Less Is More: A Geometric Analysis of the Environmental Impact and Cost of Inefficient Product Packaging
Advisor: Mrs. Wendi Rodriguez
School: Heritage (The) School, Phelan, San Bernardino County
Kathryn C. Forrest, Grade 8 portrait
Using Zipf's Law to Analyze Speech Complexity through the Past Three Centuries
Advisor: Mrs. Nicole Shimshock
School: St. Charles School, San Carlos, San Mateo County
J1408 — Fourth Place
Anusha Ghosh, Grade 8 portrait
A Device to Detect Diabetic Retinopathy
Advisor: Dr. Sunondo Ghosh
School: Challenger School - Shawnee, San Jose, Santa Clara County
Swati Goel, Grade 8 portrait
An Efficient Assignment Algorithm, Given Preferences and Capacity Constraints
Advisor: Dr. Ashish Goel
School: Terman Middle School, Palo Alto, Santa Clara County
Ilene J. Hoffman, Grade 8 portrait
Genre Differentiation Using Timbral Analysis
Advisor: Mrs. Roxanne Hunker
School: Rhoades (The) School, Encinitas, San Diego County
Knight A. Jarecki, Grade 8 portrait
The Science Behind Moneyball
Advisor: Mrs. Lee Bizzini
School: El Tejon Middle School, Lebec, Kern County
Sanjana S. Jilla, Grade 6 portrait
Tempus Genie: A Time Budgeting and Planning App for Students
Advisor: Mrs. Shalini D'Souza
School: Challenger School, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara County
Solomon A. Kazmie, Grade 8 portrait
LifeLine: Thinking Outside the Black Box
Advisor: Mrs. Gini Bartley
School: Redwood Middle School, Thousand Oaks, Ventura County
Jimin Kim, Grade 8 portrait
A Combinatorial Proof for the Geometric Series, Binomial Theorem, and the Square of a Polynomial with Tiling
Advisor: Mrs. Kimberly Soliday
School: Jeffrey Trail Middle School, Irvine, Orange County
Katherine G. Knapp, Grade 8 portrait
The Glorious Unfolding: Similarities between Flexagons, Mobius Loops, and Klein Bottles
Advisor: <none acknowledged>
School: Good Shepherd Catholic School, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County
J1416 — First Place
Elizabeth Kravtchenko, Grade 8 portrait
How Math Helped Me Become an All-American Athlete
Advisor: Mrs. Marsenne Kendall
School: Tierra Linda Middle School, San Carlos, San Mateo County
Lev Kruglyak, Grade 8 portrait
Inductive Reasoning Algorithm
Advisor: Mrs. Liane Martin
School: Vista Verde School, Irvine, Orange County
Rachana Madhukara, Grade 8 portrait
Devising a Secure and Efficient Hybrid Cryptosystem
Advisor: Mr. David Main
School: Carmel Valley Middle School, San Diego, San Diego County
Alexander T. McDowell, Grade 7 portrait
Fractal Learning: A Better Approach to Neural Networks?
Advisor: Dr. Jayne Hastedt
School: Tierra Linda Middle School, San Carlos, San Mateo County
Dominic K. Olson, Grade 8 portrait
Are You in Tune? A Program to Make You a Better Musician
Advisor: Dr. Jayne Hastedt
School: Central Middle School, San Carlos, San Mateo County
Deepro F. Pasha, Grade 7 portrait
Programming a Smarter Planner for Students to Prioritize Their Daily School Work
Advisor: Ms. Kay Barrie
School: Granite Ridge Intermediate, Fresno, Fresno County
J1422 — Third Place
Albert W. Qin, Grade 8 portrait
An Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Decentralized Cooperative Navigation
Advisor: Mrs. Xiaochun Wang
School: Churchill (Winston) Middle School, Carmichael, Sacramento County
Arvind Ramachandran, Grade 7 portrait
TrackBar: Tracking Food Expiration to Reduce Wastage
Advisor: Mrs. Shalini D'Souza
School: Challenger School, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara County
Sage C. Saling, Grade 7 portrait
Limiting Drug Interactions through an Online Dashboard Tool
Advisor: Ms. Maxime Salzburg
School: Larchmont Charter School, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County
Kirtan U. Shah, Grade 8 portrait
Image Compression: Which Algorithm Performs the Best?
Advisor: Mrs. Thea Dalvand
School: Kennedy (John F.) Middle School, Cupertino, Santa Clara County
Rushil Srivastava, Grade 8 portrait
BliPC: A Low Cost Computer for the Blind Using a Raspberry Pi and Cloud Technologies
Advisor: Ms. Navpreet Bawa
School: Chaboya Middle School, San Jose, Santa Clara County
Rohan K. Vanheusden, Grade 7 portrait
Analyzing the Effects of Hidden Neuron Quantity on Neural Network Performance
Advisor: Ms. Melissa Bowdoin
School: Woodside Elementary School, Woodside, San Mateo County
Johan D.S. Vonk, Grade 7 portrait
Pitch Detection on Arduino Using Autocorrelation
Advisor: Ms. Lorena Rolland
School: Blach (Georgina P.) Intermediate School, Los Altos, Santa Clara County
J1429 — Honorable Mention
Patrick Z. Yu, Grade 8 portrait
A Novel Approach to Image Recognition with Leaves
Advisor: Dr. Youssef Ismail
School: Kennedy (John F.) Middle School, Cupertino, Santa Clara County

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