1998 California State Science Fair
Webcast 1998

The Awards Ceremony of the 1998 California State Science Fair was broadcast live over the World Wide Web on Tuesday, May 19, 1998. Here we have reposted the entire ceremony for you to view. You can choose to view the entire ceremony, or only the particular events which you've come here to see. You have a choice of speeds to best match to your own hardware and network speed:

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Description 28k 56k 112k Duration
Entire Ceremony from beginning to end 83:54
Introductions by Ann Muscat (CSC), Norman Mitchell (Advisory Board), and Ed Ruth (CSSF) 2:51
Opening Remarks by Kobie Boykins. Includes description of the Asteroid Nanorover 6:05
All Awards 74:04
Recognition and Special Awards 14:46
Muses of the California Science Center Award 2:24
Tau Beta Pi Award 1:56
University of Southern California Award 1:42
Neurology Award 1:08
The Silicon Boule Award 3:14
California Shore and Beach Preservation Award 1:46
American Heart Association Award 0:50
John D. Isaacs Scholarship (Sea Grant) 1:03
SECOM Appreciation Presentation 1:42
Category Awards 48:39
Applied Mechanics 3:26
Behavioral Sciences 2:39
Biochemistry 3:10
Chemistry 3:07
Earth Sciences 2:54
Electricity & Electronics 2:35
Environmental Biology (Jr. Div. only) 4:27
Environmental Engineering 3:09
Fluids / Aerodynamics 2:49
Materials Science (Jr. Div. only) 4:27
Mathematics & Software 2:45
Microbiology 2:48
Pharmacology / Toxicology 3:13
Physics & Astronomy 3:00
Physiology 2:59
Plant Biology 3:12
Social Sciences (Jr. Div. only) 4:27
Zoology 2:24
Highest Fair Awards 9:58
CSSF Projects of the Year 1:52
CSSF Teachers of the Year 5:27
CSSF Student of the Year 2:11
Concluding Remarks 0:54

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