2001 California State Science Fair
Webcast 2001

The Awards Ceremony of the 2001 California State Science Fair was held on Tuesday, May 22, 2001. Once again we Webcast the Awards Ceremony live to the world. We don't know where everyone was when they watched the original Webcast, but we do have one report of a father on a business trip in Japan who watched his daughter receive an award on the stage. Here we have posted the entire ceremony for you to view. You can choose to view the entire ceremony, or only the particular events which you've come here to see.

The links below are to RealMedia clips. If you don't already have the RealPlayer viewer, look here to get your free copy.

The entire Awards Ceremony is indexed below. However, the quality of that video is not as good as this version of the entire Ceremony. The drawback of this one is that it's not yet indexed as below, but it will be indexed soon.

Description Link Duration
Entire Ceremony from beginning to end 65:56
2001 CSSF Video Montage 5:11
Welcome and Congratulations from:
Ben Tunnell, CSSF Chair 3:01
Jeff Rudolph, Executive Director, CSC 2:13

Category Awards

Applied Mechanics 2:22
Behavioral Sciences 2:22
Biochemistry 2:10
Chemistry 2:10
Earth Sciences 2:18
Electricity & Electronics 1:58
Environmental Biology (Jr. Div. only) 1:08
Environmental Engineering 2:03
Fluids / Aerodynamics 2:12
Materials Science (Jr. Div. only) 1:03
Mathematics & Software 2:04
Microbiology 2:04
Pharmacology / Toxicology 2:02
Physics & Astronomy 2:01
Physiology 1:57
Plant Biology 1:46
Social Sciences (Jr. Div. only) 1:08
Zoology 1:55

CSSF Projects of the Year

Junior Division 1:31
Senior Division
Dr. Arnold and Mabel Beckman Award

Major Fair Awards

CSSF Student of the Year 2:28
CSSF Teacher of the Year - Jr. Division 2:42
CSSF Teacher of the Year - Sr. Division 3:37

Special Awards

John D. Isaacs Scholarship (Sea Grant) 0:54
Muses of the California Science Center Award 1:08
The Silicon Boule Award 2:00
California Fuel Cell Partnership Award 0:57
California 4-H Service through Science Award 1:03

Concluding Remarks


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