How to Get RealPlayer

[CSSF Bar] provides a FREE viewer which can be used to view all of the RealMedia files of the California State Science Fair. This software is available for all major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, Linux.... You name it, they've got it. This player was originally called “RealPlayer,” and was subsequently named “RealOnePlayer,” but the name has since returned to simply “RealPlayer.”

Notice: RealNetworks also sells a full-featured “RealPlayer Plus” which costs $39.99 as of today. This supplies more functionality, but is not needed to view the CSSF videos.

Link for
Free Download
We have pointed directly to the page where Real Networks now posts the free download. This page may move in the future, but we will try to follow its movements and update this link to make it easy for our visitors. If you discover that this link no longer works, please tell us so that we can fix it.
[CSSF Bar] Last updated: Tue Aug 9 15:53:51 PDT 2011
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