Earth Sciences

J0601 Belfast, Jesse A. Grade 8, San Diego County
How Much Clay is Needed to Stop Liquefaction in Sand?
Advisor: Ms. Marie Belfast
School: St. Mary's Star of the Sea Elementary School, Oceanside
J0602 Bungo, Grant J. Grade 7, Fresno County
The Effects of Different Types, Amounts of Ground Cover, and Soil Composition on Regulating Evaporation
Advisor: Mr. Randy Palmer
School: Washington Middle School, Sanger
J0603 Campanella, Gian C. Grade 8, Santa Barbara County
Rocks of the Sespe and Coldwater
Advisor: Ms. Valerie Thor
School: Marymount Academy, Santa Barbara
J0604 Couchot, Matthew A. Grade 8, Kern County
Is There a Difference Between the Water Absorbency and Retention of Different Soils?
Advisor: Krehl Cook
School: Tevis Junior High School, Bakersfield
J0605 Fabbri, Marc L. Grade 7, Kern County
Is Soil pH Lowered by Leaching with Water? What are the pHs of Kern County?
Advisor: Mr. Wayne Cherry
School: Stockdale Christian School, Bakersfield
J0606 Faught, Gavin M. Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Do Tidal Occurrences Affect the Salinity of the Ballona Wetlands?
Advisor: Mr. Regent J. Howard
School: Palms Magnet Middle School, Los Angeles
J0607 Foote, Cyndee Grade 7, San Benito County
Why Does Wet Sand Dry When Pressure is Applied?
Advisor: Mr. Wayne Funk
School: San Juan Elementary School, San Juan Bautista
J0608 Goings, Melissa Grade 7, Tulare County
Inversions Warm Fruit
Advisor: Mr. Steven Reynolds
School: Sunnyside Union Elementary School, Strathmore
J0609 Hartman, Christopher M. Grade 7, Ventura County
Determining Natural Water Erosion in a Streambed
Advisor: Ms. Denise Moss
School: Colina Intermediate School, Thousand Oaks
J0610 Irvine, Alice K. Grade 7, Monterey County
The Water Capacity of Different Soils
Advisor: Mr. Bud Smith
School: All Saints' Episcopal Day School, Carmel
J0611 Jacobsen, Tim A. Grade 8, Fresno County
Colloidal Suspended Earth Materials in Preventing Radiation
Advisor: Mr. Carl Gong
School: Lone Star Elementary School, Fresno
J0612 Langlie, Kai A. Grade 8, Monterey County
How Does Underwater Topography Affect Wave Action?
Advisor: Sr. Gary Childs
School: Colton (Walter) Middle School, Monterey
J0613 Largey, Jeremy D. Grade 7, Riverside County
Does the Earth's Atmosphere Protect Us from Cosmic Radiation?
Advisor: Mr. Richard Kidder
School: Acacia Middle School, Hemet
J0614 Leetch, Lisa A. Grade 8, Fresno County
The Effect of Soil Particle Size and the Density of Objects as Factors in Soil Liquefaction
Advisor: Mr. Marvin Harms
School: Lone Star Elementary School, Fresno
J0615 Maniecki, Przemyslaw D. Grade 8, Santa Clara County
Advisor: Mrs. Roberta Cole
School: Fair (J. Wilbur) Middle School, San Jose
J0616 Smith, Marion R. Grade 8, Santa Clara County
Sunspots and Their Effect on the Earth
Advisor: Mr. Pendo
School: Rolling Hills Middle School, Los Gatos
J0617 Solter, Nicholas A. Grade 8, Santa Barbara County
Erosion Experiment
Advisor: Mr. Will Winn
School: Goleta Valley Junior High School, Goleta
J0618 Sterrett, Sabrina Grade 8, Los Angeles County
Advisor: Ms. Maureen Burrill
School: Portola (Gaspar de) Junior High School, Tarzana
J0619 Vandenberg, Brockton G. Grade 8, San Diego County
Optimum Earthquake Design
Advisor: Ms. Lindy Delaney
School: Rancho Santa Fe Middle School, Rancho Santa Fe

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